Spring/Summer OSAP

Spring/Summer OSAP

Spring and Spring/Summer OSAP Extension Form

Only use this form if you recieved OSAP during the 2013-2014 fall/winter session.
If you did not receive OSAP during the fall/winter, you will need to fill out a new OSAP application at http://ontario.ca/osap.

This form allows undergraduate students to extend an existing OSAP application for the spring and/or summer session. Graduate students should use the Graduate Student OSAP Extension form.

Please read the following information carefully before submitting your application information. For step-by-step instructions, check out our Guide to Spring/Summer OSAP.

Students who have received full-time OSAP fundIng for the Fall and/or Winter session may be eligible for assistance in the spring or spring/summer session if they are taking a sufficient course load, and if those courses are required as part of their degree. OSAP is not available to fund courses that the student has already taken and passed (i.e. upgrading marks).

The deadline to apply for an OSAP extension for the Spring term only was Friday, May 16. We are no longer able to accept extension requests for the spring term.

The deadline to apply for an OSAP extension for the Summer, or Spring + Summer terms, is Friday, June 27, 2014.

Study period:
Minimum course load:

5 weeks or less
(eg. Spring D2 or Spring D3

0.5 credits or more

6-10 weeks
(eg. Spring D1, Summer D1

1.0 credits or more

11-16 weeks
(eg. Spring D1 + Summer D1)

1.5 credits or more
(1.0 credits for students with a permanent disability)

Letter of Permission courses (LOP's)
Courses taken by letter of permission must start no sooner than the beginning of May and be completed no later than the end of August to be considered for spring/summer OSAP funding. Please use our Letter of Permission form for OSAP to complete your extension.

If you have chosen your spring and summer courses, use the form below to request an OSAP extension. If you aren't sure which courses you will be taking, please wait until you are sure, and have registered, before completing this form.
You will need your student portal login and password to complete the form if you aren't already logged in.

Spring/Summer Extension form for OSAP