The following costs pertain to students registering at Brock University in 2014-15. Similar figures can be obtained from the Financial Aid office at each post-secondary institution in Canada.

Tuition Fees
For actual costs, refer to the Schedule of Fees  produced by the Financial Services and Administrative Services Office or use the Student Awards and Financial Aid Fee Estimator. A minimum payment is required to confirm your registration, before the beginning of each term.

Books and Supplies
In addition to the purchase of books, the cost of paper, pens, calculators, drawing equipment, binders, project materials, etc. should be considered. The requirements vary widely depending on the program. Book lists are available during the first week of classes. Do not make any purchases before seeing each professor or academic adviser, unless specifically directed otherwise.

Cost Estimate: Generally students incur costs of between $750 (Arts) and $1,000 (Sciences) per year in most programs.

For students enrolled in 1.5 credits or more, a local transit pass is included in your fees (review the undergraduate or graduate schedule of fees for more information). Students from out of town should budget for two return trips home each academic year. Please refer to the Parking Services website for on-campus parking costs.

Pocket Money/Entertainment/Miscellaneous
You should budget for an average of $25 a week or about $400 per academic term. Your own personal lifestyle, however, will dictate your actual expenditures.

Although most students dress casually, the amount to be budgeted for this category can vary widely. If you have not purchased a suitable wardrobe prior to the academic year, then allowance should be made for additional purchases that may be required during the year. i.e., appropriate clothes for Co-op employment, winter coat, etc. Recommend $200 to $300 per term.

Living Away from Home
Students who do not live with their parents will naturally incur higher expenses than if they were living at home.

University residence costs vary by facility. Please visit the Department of Residences website for actual costs.

Note: The following costs for rent, food and utilities are based on shared accommodation. Actual costs will vary according to the type of accommodation and the number of students' sharing the space.

Rent, including utilities, is approximately $400 to 500 per month (St. Catharines area, based on shared accommodation). Remember utility costs may increase in winter months.

Food and Household Supplies
From $50 to $75 per week per person. Total: $1,700 to $2,550 per academic year.

$50 to $100 per month. Total $400 to $800 per academic year.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning
Allow $10 per week. Total $340 per academic year.

Students living away from home are urged to obtain comprehensive tenant's insurance. Students should check with their parents' insurance company to inquire about a rider on the parents' insurance to cover their belongings, or students can obtain coverage on their own at an estimated cost of $20 per month. This includes coverage for theft, vandalism, fire and general liability.

Married Student Expenses
While it is difficult to provide detailed advice to married students because of varied circumstances, couples should double the estimates of living costs above.

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