Hints on Writing a Thank You Note

Hints on Writing a Thank You Note


Nothing is appreciated more than a kind letter of thanks! Brock alumni and donors who make awards available through their generous contributions deserve our thanks. Award recipients are required to submit 2 copies of a thank you letter to the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office prior to the release of their funds. No envelope or stamp is required. The Student Awards and Financial Aid Office will mail the thank you letters to the donors along with an annual award report.  Please do not send the thank you letters directly to the donor yourself.

Thank you letter information (donor name, address, etc.) has been included with your award notification. If there are multiple thank you contacts listed, you will need to write and submit a thank you letter for EACH person separately. Two paragraphs are fine.


Donor or Company Name
123 Anywhere Street
Anytown, ON
A1A 2B2

<Today’s Date>

Dear <Donors Name>:

Beware of grammatical and spelling errors. Correct spelling and grammar highlights your professionalism and attention to detail. Use the spell check and the grammar check. Always proofread what you write! Thank the donor(s) for the specific award you receive.

Tell the donor about yourself, your hometown, family background, high school and other experiences that led to your choice to study your program at Brock. Describe how the award has made a difference to you being able to start or continue your University education. Describe your future educational/career goals and aspirations. Explain how the award will help you pursue your educational goals, and its importance to you.




Type your name here
(personally sign your name above)


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