Residence Communications Assistant

Residence Communications Assistant

Job Description & Duties:

Hourly Rate: $10.25
Weekly Hours: 8 - 12

The Residence Communications Assistant will play a role in reviewing, editing, and enhancing the communication tools used by the Department of Residences in delivering key messages to the residence student population through such avenues as the website, posters and publications.

Under the direction of the Managers within the Department of Residences, the Residence Communications Assistant will:
• Assist in maintaining the Department of Residences website as a key communication tool for residence students and their parents

• Review the Department of Residences website content and processes and make suggestions for improvement towards a more student friendly focus

• Create a user guide on best practices for maintaining the Department of Residences website

• Assist in developing resources (such as posters, handbooks, brochures) which support residence-based educational programming initiatives relating to the residence community and facilities (i.e. recycling program, energy reduction promotions, residence community events)

• Assist in the organization and coordination of “open house” days in residence

• Participate in events and “open house” days as the event photographer to capture photos to be used in future publications and website updates

Training & Skills to be provided:

The student will receive training in:

• The application used to manage the department website
• Residence system processes and procedures

Listed below are some of the skills the student will gain in this position:

• Extensive communications skills, both written and verbal
• Web and brochure design
• Web design duties, work on publications, and participation in planning for events will help the student enhance skills in accuracy, attention to detail and organization
• The need to interact with students & staff at events and being part of a committee planning for events will help the student enhance public relations skills


•currently enrolled Brock student; residence experience preferred
•excellent oral and written communication skills
•computer proficient – experience with web design and graphics
•resourceful and skilled in researching
•ability to work both independently and in a team environment
•highly organized and attentive to detail
•demonstrated ability to meet deadlines
•knowledge of Brock University residences and their facilities is an asset
Students applying for this position must possess a current Experience Works card

Closing Date:
Please submit a cover letter, your resume, your class schedule and a copy of your Experience Works card no later than 12 noon on Wednesday, September 26.

Submit your application by e-mail to:
June Robertson
Manager, Residence Admissions & Administration




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