Admissions 2013-14

Admissions 2013-14


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Incoming Students
Returning Students
Accessibility/Special Needs
Medical Consideration
Pre-existing Conditions
Coop Students
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Smoking Policy
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Winter Break
Room Switches
Early Withdrawal from Residence

Getting Into Residence
To be eligible for residence you must be a full-time student in a degree program at Brock (i.e. taking the equivalent of three full courses) and accept your room assignment for both Fall and Winter terms. Applications should be made on-line via the residences home page. The application will go "live" in mid-February 2013 to coincide with the admission offers being sent out by the Registrar's Office. In order for us to process your application it is essential that we receive both an on-line application and your deposit by the deadline below:

Deadline for receipt of on-line application and a $600 deposit is June 3, 2013
You will receive a confirmation e-mail as soon as your application is received.

You will need to pay a $600 deposit (payment 1 of 3) to complete your residence application. We will begin accepting deposit payments on Monday, April 8, 2013 (please do not attempt to make the payment before that date). Preferred methods of payment are posted on the Finance web site. We ask that you do NOT mail a cheque to Brock. If Brock does not receive the $600 deposit by June 3, 2013 we will not process your application and you will not be offered a bed. There is no reminder given. We strongly recommend that you keep a copy of confirmation of your payment, e.g. print a copy of the confirmation screen if you are paying by on-line banking, or the deposit slip if you pay at your bank.

The On-line Application
Please pay close attention to the instructions you will be given as you complete the online application and check carefully that all the information you have entered is correct. Make sure you hit the "SUBMIT" button and don't just log out of the application. A confirmation e-mail will be generated the moment you successfully transmit your on-line application—this is for your records only but it is an indication that you have successfully submitted an application. If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail within 24 hours, it is absolutely vital that you call the Department of Residences at (905) 688-5550 ext.3370 to enquire whether or not it has been received. If you did not receive the confirmation e-mail there is a strong possibility that your application was NOT successfully submitted. If the submission is unsuccessful, we have no way of knowing unless you contact us. Your application is not complete until Brock University receives your $600 deposit. Remember, the deadline for receipt of application AND deposit is June 3, 2013.

Assignments and Preferences
We give applicants the opportunity to indicate a preference for a particular style of residence. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee that you will be offered a place in your first choice. You may rank three choices:
Traditional style with a mandatory meal plan—DeCew, Vallee, Earp and Lowenberger Residences
Townhouse style—Village Residence
Townhouse style—Quarry View Residence
Please click here to see a full description of our residences.
Our admissions process is largely marks driven and we look at admission averages when assigning students to residence. The higher your admissions average, the better chance you have of getting the style of residence and the type of room for which you have indicated a preference.  Just over one third of the beds in residence at Brock are in a double room. The rest are single rooms.

Incoming Students
Residence is guaranteed for incoming Year 1 full-time students (101s), who are coming directly from high school, or whose primary residence is outside of Ontario. In both cases this guarantee applies only if the residence application and the $600 deposit are received by the June 3, 2013 deadline. We hope to inform students of their residence assignments by late June.

Returning  Students
We welcome applications from returning students. Once we have made offers to all students guaranteed a bed, remaining beds will be offered to other students, including returning students, 105s, transfer students, and graduate students. Students in their first year from out of province are guaranteed a bed, but this is only in their first year. If you are returning after your first year, please note that for the purposes of residence assignment, you will be designated/identified as a returning student even if you live out of province. An explanation of how we process applications from returning students is given below.

Assignment Policy For Returning Students
Assignment to residence is based on "Priority Points" which are the total number of points given for academic averages and for participation in residence/university activities (i.e. "Academic Points" + "Participation/ Contribution Points" = "Priority Points"). Therefore, a student with a 68% average who was very involved could be assigned before a student with 70% average who was not very involved. Placement on waiting lists will be according to "Priority Points". If the "Priority Points" are the same for two or more students, the rooms or waiting list positions will be determined by random selection.

Academic Points
These are calculated by taking the average of your best 4 full courses (or equivalent) for the academic year September 2012 to April 2013:
Below 60% average 0 points
60-61% average 9 points
62-63% average 10 points
64-65% average 11 points
66-67% average 12 points
68-69% average 13 points
70-72% average 14 points
73-75% average 15 points
76-78% average 16 points
79-81% average 17 points
82-84% average 18 points
85% average or greater 19 points
For applicants whose average is based on an equivalent of 3 or 3 ½ full courses, the average will be determined by the above point system, decreased by 2 points. Similarly, for an average based on an equivalent full 2 or 2 ½ courses, the points will be decreased by 4 and for an average based on an equivalent full 1 or 1 ½ courses, the points will be decreased by 6.

Returning students with an academic average under 60% will not be allowed to return to residence. As the assignment process is largely marks driven, the higher your academic average, the better chance you have of getting a bed.

Participation/Contribution Points
A maximum of 9 points based on participation/contribution for residence and/or university life will be assigned based on information provided on the participation/contribution rating form. Returning students will have an opportunity to complete a Points Form. It is recommended that they wait until the middle of March to do so. That way they will be able to get credit for more involvement in residence activities. Residence Dons will validate ratings for those who live in residence as well as award up to .5 point value toward an applicant's participation/contribution to his/her own residence and house, hall, court or block. Students who do not live in residence or who have attended a coop work term or International Exchange program will be awarded an average of participation/contribution points based on the participation/contribution points from those currently living in residence who submit a 2013-14 residence application and deposit by the June 3, 2013 deadline. The deadline to complete this form is 4:30pm on Thursday, March 28, 2013.

Accessibility/Special Needs
Accommodations in Vallee, Earp, Village and Lowenberger Residences are available for students with special needs. There are rooms with special features such as visual fire alarms and washrooms which are available for students with physical disabilities. We will only be able to make arrangements for students with special needs if we are told about them when the on-line application is completed—there is a section for just this purpose. In addition we require that a student who wishes any type of special need to be taken into consideration, registers with the Student Development Centre at Brock and provides them with any necessary documentation.

Medical Consideration
If you wish us to take account of a medical condition which would not be described as a disability, we require that you give a brief summary in your on-line application and send us supporting documentation from your doctor by June 3, 2013. There a variety of ways you cand sent that documentation. If you have access to a scanner, scan it and attach it to an e-mail to You will find our mailing address at the top of our Frequently Asked Questions page, or you can fax the documentation to the Manager Residence Admissions and Administration at (905) 688 0797. Students need to explain what special requirements they have because of this medical condition.

Please note that residence is high density living and it may be difficult to control the environment to the extent that some students require. The Residence Life Staff can act as a resource to help educate others but we do not make special arrangements for students with allergies or migraines as we believe that only the student can assess whether accommodation in this environment is safe and conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Pre-existing Conditions
Students who have a medical condition which exists before they come to Brock should note that this cannot be used as grounds for appeal should they withdraw before the academic year is complete. The conditions agreed to in the Residence Agreement will apply.

Coop Students
Coop students who want to live in residence for only one term are encouraged to form a “pair” with another coop student who will occupy the same room for the other term. Coop students who form a “pair” will each be charged for only one term so long as the student wishing to live in residence in the Winter Term pays the $600 residence deposit by the summer deadline date. In order for this kind of arrangement to be in place both students must commit to it no later than Move In Day (Sunday, September 1, 2013).

On behalf of the Department of Residences the Coop Programs Office contacts students in early May who are on placement in the Fall Term asking them to contact the Department of Residences if they would be interested in being part of a "pair" to share a residence room. Coop students applying for residence for the Fall Term can enquire to find out if the Manager of Residence Admissions and Administration has names of suitable students with whom they can form a "pair". This will be done on a first come, first served basis. In the event that there is no-one for a coop student to pair-up with they will be treated like any other student and they will be charged the full residence fee and be required to sign a residence agreement for the Fall and Winter Terms. Students who make an early withdrawal from residence are refunded a portion of their residence fee in accordance with our Early Withdrawal From Residence Policy.

Faculty of Education/Graduate Studies Students
Please note that the dates Brock residences are open are in line with the undergraduate term dates which are set out in detail in the Residence Agreement. Students registered in the Faculty of Education's Pre-Service Education program and/or Graduate Studies will likely find that the dates of their terms are different. They should be aware that they cannot stay beyond the published dates that the residences are open. In the Spring and Summer Terms, Conference Services offers some accommodation to students. More information is available on their web site. It is only in very exceptional circumstances that students registered in the Faculty of Education's Pre-Service Education program and/or Graduate Studies will be assigned anywhere other than Quarry View Residence.

Applicants who are requesting to be matched with others are required to have all names match (both students have to request to be with the other—if only one person asks for the match, it will not happen). Since this process is, in the first instance, processed electronically, it is important that names are spelled correctly in order that they matched. Residence ranking should be the same. All applicants must pay the residence deposit and all satisfy the requirements and be offered beds in their chosen residence or the group will be divided. Again we have to stress that we will do our very best to match people up who satisfy all these requirements but we do not guarantee to do so.

Should you be offered a residence assignment, the $600 deposit will be applied to your residence fees. Should you decline the offer, deadline dates to receive refund of your deposit are as follows:
on or before July 2, $300.00 refundable, forfeit $300.00
between July 3 and July 26, $150.00 refundable, forfeit $450.00
on or after July 27 forfeit $600.00
Note: Only written notice from the student, the day it is received by the Department of Residences will be accepted as a request to provide a refund. Please send such requests in an e-mail to and include your first and last name together with your Brock ID number.
Students who have their offer rescinded because of non-payment of the first instalment by the due date will forfeit their deposit.

Smoking Policy
Smoking is NOT permitted within any residence building. Please note that smoking on-campus at Brock is only permitted in designated smoking areas.

Only written notice from the student, the day it is received by the Department of Residences will be accepted as a request to withdraw an application. Please send such requests in an e-mail to and include your first and last name together with your Brock ID number. If you withdraw before we offer you a residence assignment your $600 will be refunded in full. If we offer you a residence assignment and you withdraw, there is a declining refund—full details are given above in the Declines/Refunds section.

Waiting List
If we are unable to offer you a place in residence in the first instance, your name will be put on a waiting list. We will e-mail you in late June and tell you your place on the waiting list. You will be sent an e-mail periodically, with an update on your waiting list number. You will only move up the list if and when a student declines the offer of a room and we are able to reallocate the room to someone on the waiting list.

If you are still on the waiting list at the start of term and are not offered a room, the full application deposit of $600 will remain as a credit on your account with the university and will be put towards other fees (e.g. tuition). Should you wish to withdraw from the waiting list you must inform us in writing. Only written notice of withdrawal, the day it is received by the Department of Residences, will be accepted to provide a refund. Your full deposit will be left as a credit on your student numbered account as long as you notify us in writing of your wish to withdraw before we offer you a bed. Please note, however, that if you leave your name on the waiting list and we call or e-mail you offering you a bed in residence, the declines/refunds dates above apply. In other words, if your name remains on the waiting list and you are offered a bed which you turn down, you will forfeit a portion or all of the $600 deposit (according to the schedule noted above.)

Students whose status is to be reviewed for discipline reasons may be placed on the waiting list or prohibited from re-admission to residence. The full deposit will be refunded if a student is prohibited from returning to residence for discipline reasons.

By the end of June all students will receive notification by e-mail of their residence and room assignments or placement on a waiting list.

Residence Fees
Fees are available on the Residence Fees page of our website.

Move–In Day
September 1 , 2013, is Move In Day. It is only in very exceptional circumstances that students will be allowed to move in before that date. If you are arriving late it is vital that you let us know beforehand. Failure to do so may result in you losing your place in residence.

Winter Break
Students are not permitted to stay in residence during the Winter Break. The few exceptions to this rule are students who satisfy the specific criteria noted below:
• International students with no means of getting home, or securing alternate accommodations
• Varsity team athletes who are required to be in residence for a team event such as a game or tournament
• Faculty of Education Pre-Service Education students
• Graduate students
Indicating in your on-line application that you require accommodation in residence during the Winter Break will result in assignment to either the Village or Quarry View Residence complex. There will be an additional fee charged to stay in residence during the Winter Break.

Room Switches
It is highly unlikely that there will be any room switches before Thanksgiving. When a student wishes to change rooms this must be done in consultation and coordination with the residence Don, Head Resident and the Department of Residences. This is explained in detail in our Room Switch Policy

Early Withdrawal From Residence
There is a sliding scale of costs which apply to any student leaving residence early. Details of the policy and costs associated with early departure are on the Early Withdrawal From Residence Policy page of our website.