Early Withdrawal from Residence 2014-15

Early Withdrawal from Residence 2014-15

A student withdrawing from residence will pay a percentage of the full fall-winter residence fee in accordance with the information contained in the following table. Please note that there may be personal, medical or disciplinary reasons that would result in an exception to this policy. The percentage charge below is applicable to the week, or any part thereof, as follows:

TABLE I: charges for students who move into residence at/near the beginning of the Fall Term (September-December)
Dates Percentage Charged
August 31 - September 7 25%
September 8-14 30%
September 15-21 35%
September 22-28 40%
September 29 - October 5 50%
October 6-12 52%
October 13-19 54%
October 20-26 56%
October 27-November 2 58%
November 3-9 60%
November 10-16 62%
November 17-23 64%
November 24-30 66%
December 1-7 68%
December 8-17 70%
December 18 and on 100%
TABLE II: charges for NEW residence students who move into residence at/near the beginning of the Winter Term (January-April)
Dates Percentage Charged
January 4-11 25%
January 12-18 30%
January 19-25 40%
January 26-February 1 50%
February 2-8 60%
February 9-15 70%
February 16-22 80%
February 23-March 1 90%
March 2 and on 100%

Withdrawing From Residence
Students who have decided to withdraw from residence must send an e-mail to res@brocku.ca giving their first and last name together with their Brock student number and the planned departure date. Please also read Vacating a Residence Room . If a student withdraws from residence in order to circumvent our disciplinary process that student may be referred to the University Disciplinary Board.

Appeal Process
Students who move out of residence early (by removing their belongings from their room, checking out at their Service Desk and handing in their key(s) and zippered mattress protector) may lodge an appeal, requesting an increased refund, if they believe there are extenuating circumstances. An example would be the student who is forced to withdraw from University because of sudden illness. An e-mail officially lodging the appeal should be sent to the Manager Residence Admissions and Administration at res@brocku.ca. Supporting documentation should be provided to support the appeal. This can be delivered in a number of ways:
—          attached to your e-mail
—          faxed to (905) 688-0797
—          brought to room R211 in DeCew Residence
—          marked “confidential” and mailed to

Tammy Brown
Manager Residence Admissions & Administration
Department of Residences    
Brock University
500 GlenridgeAve.
St. Catharines, ON
L2S 3A1

A successful appeal will result in the student being charged the per diem rate for the nights they were assigned to a residence room and they will forfeit their $600 deposit (as will anyone who withdraws from our process after July 29, 2014).


Residence Move In Day
August 31, 2014 - 8:00am - 5:00pm