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Thermal Imaging in Animal Physiology
Graduate Positions

Applications are invited from potential graduate students interested in research in the area of Thermoregulatory Physiology.  We use comparative animal models (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals) to integrate behaviour and physiology to understand the “Neural Control of Body Temperature”, how environmental stressors such as low oxygen impact physiological responses, and how thermoregulation has evolved in the animal kingdom.

Graduate Students receive a annual stipend. Students with a background or interest in animal physiology, behavioural ecology,  neuro-physiology, or biochemistry are encouraged to apply.

If you are planning to apply for NSERC graduate funding, you are also encouraged to contact me to discuss potential projects.


Please contact Dr. Glenn Tattersall for further information. Provide a copy of your CV, current and past research or scientific interests, and logical reason for why you would want to join this laboratory.

See the following advertisements for graduate positions for specific projects:



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