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Thermal Imaging in Animal Physiology
Lab News

July 2008: Glenn leaves for Sabbatical (two months in Brazil in Denis Andrade's Lab)

August 2008: Danielle Levesque Defends MSc Thesis

October 2008: Glenn leaves for Sabbatical to Alaska (two months in Fairbanks with Michael Harris)

February 2008: Glenn leaves for Tasmania (two months in Peter Frappell's lab)

July 2009: Toucan paper published in Science!!

May - September 2010: New grad students arrived

July 2011: Glenn receives Brock University Chancellor's Chair for Research Excellence (2011-2014)

June 2011: Joshua Luebbert receives the Biology Department's Undergraduate Research Excellence award

March 2012: Jacob Berman wins Graduate student teaching award!

May 2012: Viviana Cadena receives NSERC PDF award and multiple job offers.

June 2012: Cheryl Dobell receives the Biology Department's Undergraduate Research Excellence award

September 2012: Ian Black joins the lab to start his MSc. Welcome Ian!

January 2013: Qian Long defends MSc thesis!! Congratulations Qian.

January 2013: Anne Yagi joins the lab to pursure an MSc in Overwintering Biology.

April 2014: Tattersall Lab receives NSERC Discovery Grant Renewal for 5 Years!


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