Internal Procedures for External Research Applications

Internal Procedures for External Research Applications

The Office of Research Services is committed to supporting the efforts of our Researchers in seeking opportunities and applying for funding for research. The Office of Research Services reviews grant applications, proposals, and agreements and approves final submissions to funding sponsors.

The Office of Research Services strongly suggests that a faculty member submitting a grant application provide a late-stage version to the appropriate Research Officer at least 10 working days prior to the agency deadline.

The Delegation of Authority Policy sets out the authority of officers and employees to sign funding proposals, applications, and contracts. In order to collect signatures required under this policy, a cover sheet for grant applications is available. Brock requires that the cover sheet be submitted to the Office for Research Services for each external research grant application, letter of support, and contract before the ORS can process the document.

If you have any questions, contact the Research Officer responsible:

Tressie Dutchyn, Research Officer
Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Education
Tel: 905-688-5550, x 4004

Josie Reed, Research Officer
Mathematics and Science, Applied Health Sciences
Tel: 905-688-5550, x 5208

TBA, Research Officer Institutional Grants (e.g., CFI, CRC, MRI)
Research Prizes and Awards (e.g., Royal Society of Canada, MRI's Early Researcher Award)

Louisa Ho, Commercialization Research Officer
Tel: 905-688-5550, x4449