Vision 2020: The Brock Research Plan

Executive Summary

Brock University began its mission as a small institution that focused on undergraduate teaching. It is now a mid-sized comprehensive University of almost 19,000 students, 600 faculty and 44 graduate programs.

Looking forward, our goal for Brock is to raise its standing among comprehensive universities in Canada by establishing a culture of research leadership in domains of fundamental knowledge as well as applied research and community partnership. The Brock University of 2020 will provide leadership in research and will have substantial impact in academia, in policies and practices and in partnerships that help drive economies in our region and beyond.

We will achieve our vision for Brock in 2020 by focusing on people: developing and supporting our researchers, staff and students so that they, in turn, can improve the lives of those around them through research, scholarship and creativity.

Some of these efforts will be focused within established research disciplines, while others will focus on transdisciplinary work that allows researchers to answer questions and solve problems that cannot be addressed effectively within one discipline.

Brock has a long history of transdisciplinary collaborations in both teaching and research, with programs, centres and institutes that involve faculty from vastly different departments and Faculties. Brock’s commitment to transdisciplinary research, manifested in domains including health and well-being, oenology and viticulture, lifespan development, advanced biomanufacturing, social justice and environmental sustainability, will continue and expand in the years to come.

By understanding cultural, social and natural forces that have shaped our past and will shape our future, Brock University works in partnership with its community to create benefits that impact our region, province, country and world.

Our research plan will facilitate and enhance the research efforts of all researchers at Brock. To do this, we will:

1. Create a rich intellectual and collegial environment.

2. Build an institutional culture that rewards knowledge advancement across the community.

3. Integrate research into the undergraduate experience.

4. Expand excellence in graduate education and mentoring.

5. Make Brock University a preferred venue for post-doctoral research.

6. Maintain the highest level of institutional support for researchers.

7. Advance our scholarly output and research impact.

8. Increase Tri-Council funding to support research growth and the advancement of researchers, students and other highly qualified personnel.

9. Increase funding from non-Tri-Council sources to support innovation and fundamental and applied research.

10. Develop research partnerships with the community.

11. Address social issues, health, well-being and economic growth through research and outreach activities.

12. Support, strengthen and grow Brock’s transdisciplinary hubs.

13. Expand Brock’s international research and promote Brock’s reputation internationally.

14. Ensure the highest ethical standards in the conduct of research.

15. Ensure the highest level of financial compliance with governments and agency guidelines.