Vision 2020: The Brock Research Plan

Vision 2020: The Brock Research Plan

Vision 2020: The Brock Research Plan is a roadmap that indicates how researchers can best be developed and supported in the present and into the future. It articulates a vision for what we consider to be both desirable and achievable by 2020.

Vision 2020 consists of seven key areas that contain sub-sections listing goals to be pursued. The Plan consists of the following sections:

Vision 2020: Executive Summary
A Culture of Research Leadership: Brock Vision 2020 Research Plan
Goal 1: Ensure Brock is a preferred place to work and study
Goal 2: Support Brock’s undergraduate student-centered focus while maintaining excellence in graduate education
Goal 3: Foster excellence in research, scholarship and creativity
Goal 4: Serve the social, cultural, economic well being of the local, national and global communities
Goal 5: Encourage transdisciplinary initiatives
Goal 6: Promote internationalization
Goal 7: Practice accountability, fiscal responsibility and stewardship

The document is the result of many consultations with faculty and staff, the gathering of which began late last year from town hall meetings, group sessions and one-on-one conversations with a wide cross-section of community members.

Vice President Research Dr. Gary Libben and Associate VPRs Dr. Kevin Kee and Dr. Joffre Mercier spearheaded the feedback and writing process.