Subgrants and Transfers

Subgrants and Transfers

Receiving grant money from a colleague

If a PI at another university would like to send you some of their research funding as a co-investigator, please contact us in order to assist you with the transfer. Before any money is sent here, Research Services will need to set up a file as through this were a new award. We will need to ensure that the terms and conditions of the award are clear, including the reporting requirements and the end date. We will also need to review the transfer agreement which must be signed by the VP of Research, and as with any funded research, ethics certification will be needed from the Research Ethics Board. When these steps are complete, the other institution will send your research funds and we will open a research account for you.

Sending grant money to a colleague

If you would like to send money to a co-investigator at another university you will need to contact Research Services. With your help we will prepare a subgrant agreement. You will need to provide us with the following minimum information:

  • Co-investigator's name (for Tri-Council, this person must be listed as a co-applicant on the application)
  • Amount of the transfer
  • The time period of the transfer
  • The eligible expenses for your co-investigator

From this we will draw up an agreement that ensures that the receiving institution abides by the same terms and conditions imposed on Brock by the sponsor. As a further condition we will require the receiving institution to provide proof that your co-investigator has received ethics certification to conduct the research.

Transferring your grant into or out of Brock

If you are bringing a research grant to Brock from another institution, or leaving Brock and wish to take your grant to your new institution, please contact Research Services. We will work with the other institution and the sponsor to make sure that funds are transferred in accordance with the terms and conditions of the grant. If you are transferring the grant into Brock, Research Services will be able to help you through the ethics certification process and will set up an account for your funds. If you are transferring funds out of Brock we will work with you to coordinate your final Brock spending and transfer the remaining funds when approval is received from the sponsor.

Important note about subgrants and transfers

Subgrants and transfers involve two separate institutions negotiating, reviewing and approving an agreement, followed by the usual administrative procedures at each institution to make arrangements complete. Experience shows that these transfers can take a long time to complete. A relatively straightforward agreement can take six to eight weeks, and much more time would be required if multiple institutions are involved, if the agreement is unusually complex, or if the ethics certification process is delayed at either institution. We advise you to factor this time into your research plans.


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