Policies and Forms

Policies and Forms

Research grants fall within two categories: internal funding and external funding.  Both types of funding require the researcher to follow established spending guidelines.  The following list categorizes whether a grant is internal or external and which guidelines to rely on.  Please remember: in the absence of a written policy, the institutional policy is to be applied.


ABC (Advanced Biomanufacturing Centre)

BAREC (Brock Accounting Research and Education Centre)

BNCHWB (Brock-Niagara Centre for Health and Well Being)

BSIG (Brock SSHRC Institutional Grant)

BUAF (Brock University Advancement Fund)

Chancellor's Chair for Research Excellence

ESRC (Environmental Sustainability Research Centre)

GRF (General Research - Residual Tri-Council Funds)*

GRF (General Research - No External Obligations)**

ORS 4A Funding

SLIG (Service Learning Incentive Grants)

SJRI (Social Justice Research Institute)

*Account numbers begin with 334 or 335

**Account numbers begin with 338


Canada Research Chair


MOH (Ministry of Health)


OCE (Ontario Centres of Excellence)


Useful Forms

Expense and Eligibility Guide

Accountabilities Form

Finance Forms

Approval Guidelines

HR Authorizations

ORS Finance

Workshop Power Point Presentation

Tips for International and Remote Locale Travel

Tips for Combining Research With Personal Travel

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