Overhead and Indirect Costs of Research

Overhead and Indirect Costs of Research

What are indirect costs?

In providing lab space, utilities, the services of HR, Purchasing, ORS, the Library, Facilities Management, and many others, Brock incurs indirect costs of research, also called "overhead". They are actual costs incurred to conduct the normal administration of research at Brock and are not readily identified with or directly charged to a specific research grant. To compensate for these costs, Brock collects a portion of research grants as overhead.

Overhead rates

Indirect costs are recovered by Brock University on research grants and contracts. When you are developing your budget for an application for research funding, please contact the Office of Research Services in order to ensure that the appropriate amount of overhead is being applied to your grant. The Brock Indirect Cost Policy can be found here.

Tri-Council grants

There is no overhead attached to any award from the federal granting counciles (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR). Brock is compensated for the indirect costs incurred on Tri-Council funded research through the Federal Indirect Cost Program. Brock's share of funding from this program is based on the proportionate share of Tri-Council funding relative to all other universities.



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