CFI 2015 Innovation Fund Competition

CFI 2015 Innovation Fund Competition

Call for Proposals

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) has released a Draft Call for Proposals for the 2015 Innovation Fund (formerly the Leading Edge Fund/New Initiatives Fund) competition. Competition details here.

Through the 2015 Innovation Fund, the CFI seeks to support promising and innovative directions in research or technology development in areas where Canada currently is, or has the potential to be, competitive on the global stage. The CFI will support initiatives that allow institutions and their researchers to build on and enhance an emerging strategic priority area, accelerate current research and technology development work or take established capabilities to a globally competitive level. In short, the initiatives should be of sufficient maturity to enable institutions to launch them rapidly.

The objectives of the 2015 Innovation Fund are to enable institutions and their best researchers to:

  • Strive for global leadership by conducting world-class transformative research and technology development in areas of institutional strategic priority;
  • Forge and foster productive, value-added partnerships within and among institutions, sectors and disciplines that will nurture creativity and innovation which will result in the effective and sustainable use of the research infrastructure and facilities;
  • Identify and develop plans and potential pathways to social, health, environmental and economic benefits for Canada, including better training and improved skills for highly qualified personnel.

The CFI encourages institutions to submit proposals for which there is a proven record of, or a strong potential for, excellence and commitment. Institutions will, therefore, need to demonstrate how the proposed activities: meet the standard of excellence for each of the three competition objectives; are in line with both their priorities and their past, current and future commitments; and are in line with their track record in areas in which they are proposing to reinvest.

Institutions are encouraged to consider how their proposals can be made more competitive through collaboration with appropriate partners and to plan co-operatively to acquire, develop, operate and maintain infrastructure. Productive partnerships will enable institutions and their best researchers to fully exploit the capabilities and capacity of the research infrastructure and facilities.

Finally, in developing proposals, institutions are encouraged to engage with end-users of research or technology development knowledge to clearly define the potential benefits for Canadians. In their proposals, institutions should identify the kinds of activities they expect to undertake to increase the potential for economic and social impact from their research or technology development activities.

Eligible infrastructure

An eligible infrastructure project involves the acquisition or development of research infrastructure to increase research capacity, allowing the pursuit of world-class research. Construction costs to build new space or to renovate existing space (including fitting out existing space), which is essential to house and use the infrastructure effectively, are eligible.

For this competition, the CFI will only consider proposals whose total project costs are greater than $500,000.

The CFI is a federal matching fund program and will fund up to 40% of infrastructure costs. In addition to submitting an application to the CFI, an application must be submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation for a 40% match. The remaining 20% match must be confirmed and in place before submitting an application to CFI. The applicant may use cash and/or in-kind contributions and can be sourced from vendors (usually as in-kind contributions), start-up funds, or other sources (external, industry, private, other) but NOT tri-council (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR) grants.


Brock Internal Notice of Intent Form (fillable PDF)
deadline for the submission of the internal NOI is December 16, 2013.

Brock Procedures

This is an allocation-based fund whereby the CFI predetermines the maximum amount of funding for each eligible university. Given the limited resources available for this competition, all proposals will be reviewed by an internal committee to determine which applications will be forwarded to the CFI. Applications will be selected based on: meeting CFI selection criteria and competition objectives as described above; the experience and future potential of the proposed research team; alignment of the proposed research with areas of emerging or existing research strength at Brock; and alignment of the proposed research with previous, current, and future investments and commitments.

Our goal is to ensure that proposals going forward are as strong as possible, with the institutional support that will maximize the probability of success. Once proposals have been selected for submission to the CFI, the Office of the Vice President Research and the Office of Research Services staff will work with participating researchers, Deans and Department Chairs, and University support staff to craft strong and successful proposals.

Researchers considering putting forward an application must submit an internal Notice of Intent form to Carolyn Paterson outlining your request. The form includes a description of the research project and the equipment or infrastructure requested, an estimate of the costs of the equipment or infrastructure, the expected outcomes and benefits of the research project, and CVs of the members of the research team. The internal deadline for submission of the Brock NOI form is Monday, December 16th, 2013.

For further information, please contact Carolyn Paterson at x4291.

Important Application Deadlines
This is a multi-stage application process. Important deadlines are set out below.
Step 1: Complete and submit Brock NOI form (deadline: December 16, 2013)
Step 2: Notification of Brock NOI results (January 2014)
Step 3: Development and submission of CFI NOI (internal deadline: February 28, 2014; CFI deadline: March 28, 2014)
Step 4: Development and submission of full CFI proposal (internal deadline: May 27, 2014; CFI deadline: June 27, 2014)

More information regarding this call can be found at CFI.