Human Ethics

Human Ethics

Research Involving Humans

All research involving human participants conducted by faculty, staff, and students of Brock University, regardless of where the research is conducted or whether it is for academic publication or internal use must be reviewed by either the Social Science Research Ethics Board (SREB) or the Bioscience Research Ethics Board (BREB). This also applies to research conducted on Brock premises by researchers who are not members of the Brock community but wish to utilize Brock resources. 

Contact Us

To obtain more information about what may require clearance please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Research Ethics Office.

For general questions regarding file status, dates and educational events, contact:

Donna Thompson, Data Assistant
Call 905-688 5550 ext. 3035 or email

For questions regarding undergraduate and course-based research, contact:

Research Ethics Officer
Call 905-688-5550 ext. 5182 or email

For questions regarding graduate and faculty research, policy, and compliance, contact:

Lori Walker, Manager, Research Ethics
Call 905-688-5550 ext. 4876 or email

You can also drop by the Research Ethics Office in Mackenzie Chown, D Block, 250A

Please note:

Due to the current volume of applications, researchers should anticipate a 20 (working) day turnaround time on delegated (minimal risk) reviews and plan project timelines accordingly. Expedited reviews will only be considered in exigent circumstances. For information on full-board reviews (greater than minimal risk), please contact the Research Ethics Office.

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SREB Meeting Schedule for 2014

April 10, MC D350L

May 20, CAIRNS 207

June 17, CAIRNS 207 - joint meeting with the BREB

July 15, CAIRNS 207

August 19, CAIRNS 207

BREB Meeting Schedule for 2014

April 17, MC D350L

May 26, CAIRNS 207

June 17, CAIRNS 207 - joint meeting with the SREB

July 28, CAIRNS 207

August 21, CAIRNS 207


Applications for Full Board Review should be submitted 10 working days prior to a scheduled meeting