Research partnerships

Research partnerships

In an effort to stimulate University-Company partnerships, in recent years both the federal and provincial grant funding agencies have made available a significant number of new programs for applied research. A few of the most popular are introduced below, a longer list of applied research grants is available here.

NSERC Engage For new partnerships (no previous collaboration between the professor and the company), $25,000 is available to the researcher for a 6 month project, the researcher manages the project and there are no deadlines for applications.  The project can involve one or more students or post-docs.  A high percentage of applications are successful and no cash contribution is required from the company partner.

MITACs Accelerate A research internship program, lasting for 4-6 months, but which can be extended in
multiples of 4-6 months. The employer contributes $7500, the grant provides $7500, at least $10,000 goes to the intern, who can be an undergraduate, postgraduate or postdoctorate student. No application deadlines.

OCE Talent Edge Internship Similar to Mitacs Accelerate, but the intern must be pre-doctorate.  The internship is 4 months long, the company contributes a minimum of $5K cash and $5K in-kind, OCE will contribute a maximum of $10K cash.

OCE Voucher for Innovation and Productivity Typically 6-12 months in duration, up to $20,000 of grant funding.  This is similar to the NSERC Engage but does not require that this be a new researcher-company relationship. This company is required to make a minimum cash contibution of $5,000.

These are just four of the more popular applied grants currently available. Contact us to help find the best match for your project.


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