Method for preparing ortho-substituted aminoferrocenes

Method for preparing ortho-substituted aminoferrocenes

Project No. 2017

Principal Investigator/Inventor: Dr. Costa Metallinos, Department of Chemistry

A method for preparing ortho-substituted aminoferrocenes and their use in novel catalytic processes

Ferrocenes, characterized by their and their unique “sandwich” structure, have been an important motif in organometallic chemistry. Ferrocenes can be applied to industrial scale reactions for use in materials chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and even fuel additives. Dr. Metallinos has developed a new method for the synthesis of 1,2-substituted chiral ferrocenes that requires fewer steps and results in better yield compared with previous methods. The process includes using an aminoferrocene as starting material, a step not previously attempted. This provides the ability to directly synthesize planar chiral aminoferrocenes, using aminoferrocene and access unique ligands and reagents. Current levels of enantioselectivity are already synthetically useful, and the researchers project a further improvement on their results.

Patent Status

Metallinos. “Method for preparing ortho-substituted aminoferrocenes” US Patent 7,982,064 Granted Jul. 19, 2011.


Metallinos, C., et al., (2008) Aminoferrocene lithiation by boron trifluoride activation. Org. Lett. 10: 3527-30.


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