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Available to license

Brock Project 2002: Tocopherol derivatives and vitamin E
Novel tocopherol derivatives and their use to inhibit the rapid oxidative metabolism of vitamin E.

2002 full description

Brock Project 2011: Novel C-1 analogs of pancratistatin and 7-deoxypancratistatin

Novel C-1 analogs of pancratistatin and 7-deoxypancratistatin, their synthesis, and their use in selective cancer cell death.

2011 full description

Brock Project 2012: Production of oseltamivir and additional antiviral compounds
A method for the production of oseltamivir, novel oseltamivir intermediates and additional antiviral compounds, their synthesis, and their use as anti-viral agents.

2012 full description

Brock Project 2014: Method for reducing methoxypyrazines from grape products
The use of specific proteins to bind and remove trace methoxypyrazines from grape products to preserve wine taste, aroma and quality.

2014 full description

Brock Project 2017: Method for preparing ortho-substituted aminoferrocenes
A method for preparing ortho-substituted aminoferrocenes and their use in novel catalytic processes.

2017 full description

Brock Project 2024: BODIPY fluorophores for nucleic acid labelling
Compounds and methods for labeling DNA and RNA oligonucleotides with BODIPY fluorphores during solid phase oligonucleotide synthesis.

2024 full description


Brock Project 2035: Radiomitigant and anti-apoptotic compounds

Novel compounds for use in preventing mitochondria-mediated apoptosis due to radiation, freeze-thaw or ischemia and reperfusion events.

2035 full description

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