Program Details:

Program Details:

St. Clair College / Windsor University Liberal Arts & Brock University Social Sciences:

  • Obtain a 4-year Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in a Social Sciences major from Brock University and a 2-year Liberal Arts diploma from St. Clair College.
  • Students attend St. Clair College for years 1 and 2. During year 2 they concurrently complete 1.0 credit at Windsor University.
  • In years 3 and 4 students attend Brock University.
  • 6.0 credits granted upon transfer to Brock University with the St. Clair College diploma (4.0 upon admission, an additional 2.0 after completion of 11.5 Brock credits).

Application Process:

  • OUAC 105 application form: (
  • OUAC Code: program applied to depends on first-year course taken at Windsor University
  • OUAC Year Code: First Year
  • Additionally, applicants MUST submit a letter directly to the Admissions office at Brock University indicating that they are applying under this specific articulation agreement.
  • The applicants OUAC reference number must be included in the letter.

Contact information:
Student Contact:


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