Initial Teacher Education

Initial Teacher Education

Primary/Junior Division Admission Criteria 


General Admission Criteria

Applicants, regardless of division, must meet all general admissions criteria in addition to those outlined below.

Teaching Subject Requirement:

Primary/Junior division applicants are encouraged to have an area of concentration related to school curriculum. Some preference will be given to applicants with a major in Child and Youth Studies.

Preference will be given to Primary/Junior applicants who, at the time of application, present completed university degree-level courses (half or full credit) in one or more of mathematics, science and/or English. College diploma-level courses transferred toward a degree will not be considered, nor will courses partially finished at the time the application is submitted.

Guidelines for Teaching-Related Experiences

Primary/Junior applicants are expected to have some experience working with children and youth of the age group in the program for which they are applying.