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Registration Policies

All graduate students must maintain continuous registration in each successive term from the time of initial admission until degree requirements are complete. Students may apply for a leave of absence or an inactive term at a time when circumstances prevent them from working on their graduate studies. The application for a leave of absence or an inactive term must be approved by the student’s graduate supervisor, the graduate department chair/program director, and the Dean of Graduate Studies. The application forms can be found at:

Please Note:  All fees owing must be paid in order to register for subsequent terms.  Students are responsible to check their student account on a regular basis.

Students must remain continuously registered to the end of the term in which they complete the degree requirements.

MEd students who fail to register for any term will automatically be charged the inactive fee.  During the inactive term all students pay the inactive fee and retain library privileges.  Student’s time to completion is not extended by the inactive term.  All other graduate students who fail to register for any term, and who have not applied for inactive status or leave of absence are considered to have withdrawn from their program of study. The student will be required to apply for reinstatement into the program. The request for reinstatement must be approved by the graduate program and the Office of Graduate Studies and the reinstatement fee of $75.00 must accompany the application.  The department may also make recommendations regarding the retention of previous course credits.  If enrolment is allowed to lapse a second time, the student will not be readmitted.

Following initial registration in the major essay, thesis or project, graduate students (both full and part-time) must maintain continuous registration in each successive term, including the term during which the thesis defence is scheduled, until degree requirements are completed. Completion means that all corrections have been made to the thesis, project or essay and the final approved copy has been submitted to the department and the Graduate Record Form has been submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies. Should the Graduate Record Form not be received by the last day for late registration in a given term, the student will be required to register for that term. If registration is allowed to lapse, the student will be withdrawn from the program.

There are maximum time limits for the completion of graduate programs and candidates may also be subject to time constraints prescribed by the specific graduate program. See: for information regarding maximum times to completion. If students require an extension to their time to completion, they must apply for an extension of degree time limits by completing the Request for Extension of Degree Time Limits form. This form is available on the Graduate Studies website: .

Applications for leaves of absence, one inactive term, extensions to degree time limits, and changes of status (part-time/full-time) must be completed and received in the Office of Graduate Studies 3 weeks prior to each term for which they are requesting a change.

It is the responsibility of students to ensure that they are registered by the appropriate deadline date as outlined on the Schedule of Important Dates found at: Students who fail to register by the due date will be charged a $50.00 late registration fee.

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