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Registration Status

All Master of Education graduate students must maintain continuous registration for three terms, Summer, Fall and Winter. To maintain continuous registration you must be in one of the following categories:

Course registration
for the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter terms are to be done through the Web Registration system. Once registration has been completed, registration is confirmed by payment of the course fee by the due date indicated in this Guide.

Registration for the intersession (Spring Evening) may replace the required registration for Summer term with regard to inactive status.

Inactive registration
for terms during which a student is unable to register for a course. During an inactive term the student pays the $100 inactive fee and retains library privileges. Students will automatically be invoiced for the inactive fee if they are not registered for a course in Summer term, Fall or Winter Term. Inactive status is not applicable once a student has registered for the project/thesis proposal, project or thesis course. Students may only be inactive for five terms during the time allotted to complete the MEd program. Inactive sessions do not extend the final completion date by which degree requirements must be completed.

Continuous registration for the project/thesis proposal, project or thesis course. Following initial registration in EDUC 5P90, EDUC 5P93 or EDUC 5F95, continuous registration must be maintained. Therefore, a student who receives an IP (in progress) grade for the proposal, project or thesis course, will automatically be registered for that course the following session. The continuing fee for second and subsequent registrations is listed in this Guide.

Leave of Absence: A leave of absence from a graduate program will be granted only in exceptional circumstances. Cases will be considered on an individual basis and must have approval of the Program Chair/Graduate Supervisor before they are submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies. For more information, see Leave of Absence forms are available from

Voluntary Program Withdrawal: Graduate students intending to withdraw from a graduate program must consult with the graduate program concerned and submit the Notification of Voluntary Withdrawal Form to the Office of Graduate Studies. The form is available at A student's financial account with respect to graduate fees/funding will be reviewed and refunds/money owed will be determined.

A student who fails to maintain continuous registration will be withdrawn from the program and such students will not be permitted access to the University resources or be permitted to schedule a thesis defence.

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