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Program Requirements

Five credits (or ten half-credit courses) are required to complete the MEd program.

Thesis route: Four credits (eight half-credit courses) plus the thesis.
Project route: Four and one-half credit courses (nine half-credit courses) plus the project.

The program consists of required core course, research components, program electives and a required exit project or thesis.

Course selection will be governed by the following conditions:

  • candidates must enrol in one of the following program planning options: (1) Curriculum Studies, (2) Studies in Teaching and Learning, (3) Organizational and Administrative Studies in Education or (4) Integrated Studies

  • candidates must first complete the core course in their program option: i.e., EDUC 5P00 (Curriculum Studies); EDUC 5P30 (Studies in Teaching and Learning); EDUC 5P60 (Organizational and Administrative Studies in Education); EDUC 5P97 (Integrated Studies) all students are required to take the research course EDUC 5P92 and the project/thesis proposal tutorial EDUC 5P90

  • at the end of their program, candidates must complete an exit requirement either EDUC 5P93 (project tutorial) or EDUC 5F95 (research tutorial)

  • in addition to the core course and the project/thesis requirement, students should complete at least two credits (four half-credit courses) from their chosen option. The Independent Study (EDUC 5P98) and Educational Internship (EDUC 5V96) may count towards fulfilling the four half-credit requirements. Courses with asterisk(s) in other options may also be used to fulfil this requirement.

  • remaining courses may be selected from any of the three fields of study or cross focus/general purpose courses

The thesis/project proposal and thesis/project requirements are scheduled after all course work has been completed, although planning for this work should be underway by the midpoint of the student's program. Students who receive a final mark for the proposal course and who have completed all their course work, will automatically be registered for either the project course or the thesis course in the following term.

A selection of courses are given during each term: Fall: September - December; Winter: January - April; and Summer Session: July - August. Students may commence a degree program only when the required entry core course is offered for their chosen option.

Core courses are usually offered in the Fall term. Courses specified as Routing Electives will be offered at least once a year, depending on the course enrolment and instructor availability and at least once in each of three geographic locations (St. Catharines, Hamilton, Greater Toronto Area) in each 2-year period, depending on course enrolment and instructor availability. Courses specified as Occasional Electives are typically offered at least once in each 2-year period. The number of courses offered at each site will vary from term to term.

Note: a non-credit seminar, EDUC 5N99, may be offered if sufficient numbers of students in any given geographic location request it.

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