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Grading System

1. Grades

Standing in the MEd program will be reported according to the following schedule of grades.

A: 80, 82, 85, 88, 90, 92, 95, 98, 100
B: 70, 72, 75, 78
C: 60, 62, 65, 68 (no graduate credit)
F: 58 or lower (no graduate credit)

Non-numeric grades in proposal/project/thesis

IP (In Progress)

A grade of IP may be awarded when a student does not complete all course requirements within the prescribed time. For Master of Education students, an IP is awarded for the project/thesis proposal, project or thesis course only. A student who receives an IP grade for EDUC 5P90, EDUC 5P93 or EDUC 5P95 will automatically be registered for that course in the following term.

IN (Incomplete)

A grade of IN is a temporary grade granted to a student in exceptional circumstances who has been unable to complete some part of the term work in a course. A grade must be submitted no later than 56 days following the last day of classes in each term. At the time of assigning the IN grade, a default grade will be submitted which will be recorded should the student fail to complete the IN contract. If an IN is assigned for the project or thesis course and the work is not completed by the student's completion date, the IN reverts to 00F and the student is withdrawn from the program. See for additional details.

2. Grading procedure

Each instructor shall make available to the class at the beginning of the term the method by which student performance shall be evaluated.

3. Academic performance

To continue as a graduate student, a candidate for a degree must achieve and maintain satisfactory academic performance with a standing of at least a B in graduate courses. A candidate whose academic performance is considered to be unsatisfactory by the Graduate and Undergraduate department may be required to withdraw from graduate studies.

If a failing grade is awarded for a Proposal/Project/Thesis, the student will be withdrawn from the program.

Grade Reports

Grades will be released by the Office of Graduate Studies to Student Self Service approximately 6 weeks after the end of classes for each session. Students must view their courses and grades on-line; final grade reports will only be mailed to students when an Application to Graduate is submitted.

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