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Fee Payment to Confirm Registration

A statement, indicating the amount due and payment instructions will be mailed to you starting three weeks prior to the payment due date of the session. Statements will be updated and mailed out on a weekly basis up until a week prior to the payment due date reflecting any course changes. Payment of the required fees by the payment due date will confirm your registration.

If you register for the first time in a session one week prior to the payment due date it is considered late. The Late Registration fee is $50. Payment for a late course(s) will be due upon receipt of your invoice.

Additional courses added after the payment due date will be invoiced on a weekly basis and will be due upon receipt.

Failure to Pay by the Payment Due Date

Failure to pay by the payment due date may result in de-registration. If your payment is due upon receipt please note that payment utilizing option three may not be received in time to avoid de-registration. In this instance the other two methods of payment would be preferred.

Payment Due Date

Summer Session June 29, 2006
Fall Term September 6, 2006
Winter Term January 5, 2007

Please note that subsequent registrations will not automatically generate a fee statement. Therefore, if you add a course after the initial registration, you must submit the course fee by the payment due date.

Payment Options

  1. Via Internet, Telephone or ATM Banking Services at Scotiabank, Royal Bank, CIBC, Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust and most Ontario Credit Unions. Payment should show on your account within 24 to 48 hours.

  2. Take your statement to any branch of the above financial institutions except Credit Unions. Payment should show on your account within 5 business days.

  3. Detach the remittance portion of your statement and mail cheque or money order to Brock University Processing Centre, P.O. Box 3278, Postal Station A, Toronto, Ontario, M5W 4K2. Payment should show on your account within 10 business days.

Outstanding Accounts

Academic sanctions are applied to any student who has an outstanding financial obligation to the University. Such students will not be allowed to register for courses, will not receive a statement of grades or an academic transcript and will not be permitted to schedule a thesis defence.

These sanctions shall be in effect until such time as the account is cleared.

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