Course Information
Course Code PEKN 3P91
Course Title Training Principles
Description Current theories and practices in a variety of training contexts, formats and modalities. Training as applied to a broad age and ability spectrum; movement education principles applied to the observation, analysis and program design.
Course Format Lectures, lab, 3 hours per week.
Restrictions open to BPhEd, BPhEd (Honours)/BEd (Intermediate/Senior), BPhEd (Honours)/BEd (Junior/Intermediate), BKin and BSc (Kin) majors until date specified in Registration guide. Students must have a minimum of 9.0 overall credits.
Prerequisite(s) PEKN 2P90 or 2P97; HLSC (CHSC) 2F95.
Notes PEKN 3P02 recommended. May be taken concurrently. Modes of instruction/evaluation will normally include vigorous physical activity.