Course Information
Course Code MATH 1P02
Course Title Calculus Concepts II
Description Integral calculus emphasizing concepts, theory and computers to solve problems. Further integration techniques. Applications to areas between curves, volumes, arc length and probabilities. Multivariable calculus: partial derivatives, optimization of functions of two variables. Sequences and series: convergence tests, Taylor and Maclaurin series and applications. Differential Equations: direction fields, separable equations, growth and decay, the logistic equation, linear equations. Use of Maple.
Course Format Lectures, 4 hours per week; lab/tutorial, 1 hour per week.
Prerequisite(s) MATH 1P01, 1P05 or permission of instructor.
Notes open to all, but primarily intended for mathematics majors and/or future teachers.
Exclusions Completion of this course will replace previous assigned grade and credit obtained in MATH 1P06.