Course Information
Course Code MATH 1P01
Course Title Calculus Concepts I
Description Differential calculus emphasizing on concepts and the use of both theory and computers to solve problems. Precalculus topics, limits, continuity and the intermediate value theorem, derivatives and differentiability, implicit differentiation, linear approximation, mean value theorem with proof and applications, max and min, related rates, curve sketching, l'Hospital's rule, antiderivatives, Riemann sums, FTC with proof, integration by substitution. Use of Maple.
Course Format Lectures, 4 hours per week; lab/tutorial, 1 hour per week.
Prerequisite(s) two grade 12 mathematics credits including MCV4U or permission of the instructor.
Notes open to all, but primarily intended for mathematics majors and/or future teachers. Students must successfully complete the Mathematics Skills Test.
Exclusions Completion of this course will replace previous assigned grade and credit obtained in MATH 1P05.