Course Information
Course Code GEOG 3P04
Course Title Digital Mapping
Description Principles of cartography and advanced aspects of map design. Topics include geographic coordinate systems, cartographic techniques, data analysis, advances in online mapping, and use of mapping software.
Course Format Lectures, lab, 4 hours per week.
Restrictions open to GEOG (single or combined) and GEOG (Honours)/BEd (Intermediate/Senior) majors until date specified in Registration guide. After that date open to GEOG (single, combined or general studies), GEOG (Honours)/BEd (Intermediate/Senior), GHUM, SOSC majors and GEOG minors until date specified in Registration guide.
Prerequisite(s) GEOG 2P07 or permission of the instructor.
Notes practical experiences in mapping quantitative data and digital map production using commercially available software.