Course Information
Course Code ERSC 1F90
Course Title Geology and the Environment
Description Intended primarily for non-science majors. Current hypotheses about the history of planet Earth; the significance of understanding modern environments in interpreting ancient settings and predicting future developments. Topics include earthquake prediction, hazardous waste disposal, floods, erosion, landslides, glaciations, global climate change and historical geology.
Course Format Lectures, lab, 2 hours per week.
Notes lab offered on line. Students may not register concurrently in ERSC 1F01 or 1P92. Secondary school sciences are not a prerequisite. Students achieving an exceptional level of performance in ERSC 1F90 may, at the discretion of the department, register in upper year courses.
Exclusions Completion of this course will replace previous assigned grade and credit obtained in ERSC 1F01 and 1P92.