Course Information
Course Code EDUC 9G90
Course Title Honours Specialist: Technological Education
Description Designed to prepare teachers of technological education for specialist and supervisory roles in the secondary school. Administration, organization, human relations, measurement, computer awareness and communication skills.
Course Format Lectures, seminar.
Restrictions permission of the Director
Prerequisite(s) an Ontario Certificate of Qualification or Interim Certificate of Qualification indicating qualification in at least three subjects listed in Schedule B of the Ontario College of Teachers Act Reg. 184.97 including at least one at the advanced level or, four subjects listed in Schedule B at the basic level and an entry indicating Specialist qualification in one subject in Schedule D listed in sub-clause 34cIII; a Secondary School Honours Graduation Diploma or has successfully completed the equivalent of one year's full-time study in a program in respect of which a SSHD or its equivalent is required for admission and evidence of at least two years of successful teaching experience, including at least one year in Technological Education.
Notes this course may be available on-site, online or blended. Open to certified and trade qualified teachers.