Course Information
Course Code BIOL 4P10
Course Title Microbial Pathogenesis
Description A molecular approach to microbial diseases in a variety of hosts focusing on human diseases. Topics include animal models for diseases, molecular diagnostics, identifying virulence factors and population genetics of pathogenic microbes.
Course Format Lectures/seminar, 3 hours per week.
Restrictions open to BIOL (single or combined), BIOL (Honours)/ BEd (Intermediate/Senior), BSc Integrated Studies (Honours)/BEd (Junior/Intermediate), BCHM, BMED, BTEC, NEUR, OEVI majors and BIOL minors until date specified in Registration guide. Students must have a minimum of 14.0 overall credits or approval to year 4 (honours).
Prerequisite(s) BIOL 2P98.