Year One Undergraduate Registration Guide

Year One Undergraduate Registration Guide2016-2017 Fall/Winter

Smart Start


Be sure to register for Smart Start, Brock's first year student orientation program. Smart Start (Students Making a Realistic Transition) is offered Monday to Friday (and on four Saturday dates), beginning July 2 and finishing on August 13. You can register online for a day that suits your schedule, and join other first year students in a daylong program that addresses any questions and concerns they may have about university life. You can also get a head start by setting up your new computer accounts, getting your student card, and accessing/setting up other services available to you, beating the rush of student traffic and line ups in September.

Not only are students a focus, but parents are also encouraged to attend Smart Start. A special program has been designed to fit parents' needs and to inform them of what to expect from their son or daughter's university career at Brock. Registration and additional information about the Smart Start program is available on the Smart Start web site. It's not just a Smart Start, but a smart choice!