Year One Undergraduate Registration Guide

Year One Undergraduate Registration Guide2016-2017 Fall/Winter

Schedule Planning

Planning Your Schedule

After consulting the timetable, you will be able to begin building your weekly schedule. Remember to make a schedule that works for you! Planning your own schedule gives you the control to arrange your classes to suit your own preferences, to meet non-academic obligations, and correspond with your lifestyle. Below are some helpful hints to keep in mind when planning your schedule:

  • Note that your schedule is divided into two parts: a Fall term running from September to December (including D1 and D2 courses) and a Winter term running from January to April including D1 and D3 courses). You should try to split your course load evenly across the Fall and Winter terms.
  • Schedule one course at a time. Start with required/major credits first, context credits next, and electives last.
  • You must register for a lecture component for each course as well as an accompanying seminar, lab or tutorial. Some lectures have 2 secondary components (seminar/lab/tutorial).
  • Classes run on the 24-hour time clock and are usually 50 minutes long.
  • Feel free to schedule classes back to back, as you have 10 minutes between classes for travel time (be sure to check the campus map while registering for your courses - some classes are located across the street in Academic East).
  • Be sure that you have met all requirements and/or restrictions for your courses.

Timetable worksheets are available to assist you with building a conflict free schedule.

Course locations and times

There is a very useful function in the online registration system called "Course Locations and Times," which will display a printable timetable for you, updated as you successfully register in course components. This function will also display any situations where conflicts (overlaps) exist between course components. However, as the function is only available through the online registration system, this feature will be unavailable to you if you are planning your classes before the registration system opening date. If you select your courses before your registration date, try to plan your schedule in a timetable format during this process, to make the registration process simpler. You will also need an understanding of schedule planning should you run into a timetable conflict during the registration process.