Year One Undergraduate Registration Guide

Year One Undergraduate Registration Guide2016-2017 Fall/Winter

Key Terms

“Brock Talk” – Glossary of Terms

Many terms and definitions used at Brock University might be new to you. This mini glossary will give you a heads up on what everybody's talking about.

Term Definition
Calendar A catalog covering an academic year, containing university rules and regulations, programs of study, and program requirements.
Concentration Only available in an honours degree program and requiring a minimum of six credits (6.0) from a list of approved courses. Enables students to pursue studies with some approved focus within their major or combined major.
Context Credits Mandatory credits which allow a student to view the core of certain subjects in a general learning “context”. All students, regardless of program, must successfully complete one credit equivalent from a specified list of each of the following areas: Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences.
Co-requisite A course that must be taken at the same time as another course.
Course Component Various classroom formats that may make up a course i.e. lectures, seminars, tutorials.
Department/Centre Divisions of the university that give instruction in a certain subject area. These divisions also oversee program requirements.
Deregistration Removal from enrolment in a course. This happens most often when students lack a course prerequisite.
Duration Period of time over which a course is held.
Elective A course of your choosing that you are also eligible to register in.
Enrolment Registration in a course.
Faculty Branches of the university that oversee academic departments/centres. Every student is associated with a Faculty.
Lab An academic course component set aside for laboratory work.
Lecture A large classroom setting in which all students in the course are addressed by the instructor.
Major Specific area of emphasis within a degree program. Students following a major will have a set of core courses to complete, as well as a certain number of electives.
Major credit Credits required for, but not necessarily the same as, your major discipline.
Minor Must be distinct from the student’s major, or combined major, and requires from four (4.0) to six (6.0) credits. Students wishing to obtain a Minor within a degree program may not use the same course(s) to satisfy both the major requirements and the minor requirements.
Please Note: Minors are not printed on your diploma.
Prerequisite A course that must be taken prior to taking another course.
Program The degree and major you are pursuing.
Override Special permission from the teaching department/centre to register in a course that has prerequisites and/or restrictions that you do not meet or that may be full.
Restrictions Requirements of a course that must be met before registration in a specific course.
Seminar A small classroom setting where students have the opportunity to discuss course material.
Streams Paths of interest available within a major; not printed on the diploma at graduation.
Timetable The academic schedule of available classes in a session. Available online only.
Tutorial Students meet in a classroom setting to work with instructors and teaching assistants in problem-solving and applied learning situations.
Undergraduate The primary level of study in a university, i.e. pursuing one’s first or bachelor’s degree.