Year One Undergraduate Registration Guide

Year One Undergraduate Registration Guide2016-2017 Fall/Winter


Am I Eligible?

Be sure to read over any restrictions or notes in the course description to ensure that you meet all preliminary requirements to register for the course. Should you not fulfill a requirement or restriction, you may be subject to deregistration.

  • Prerequisite: Requirement that must be fulfilled prior to taking a more advanced course. If not fulfilled before registration in a course, a student may be subject to automatic removal from the course.
  • Co-requisite: Requirement that must be fulfilled at the same time the other course is taken.

If you do not satisfy the course requirements, you may wish to see if you are eligible for an override.


Circumstances may arise where you are unable to register for a course you need to take. In most cases, you will require an override to register in the course. Overrides are granted through the department/centre offering the course and are subject to their approval (see departmental contact information). Overrides are generated on a case by case basis and are not guaranteed. Students requesting an override should contact the appropriate teaching department/centre directly. The Office of the Registrar cannot issue overrides. Once an override is granted, it is the student's responsibility to register for the course.