Year One Undergraduate Registration Guide

Year One Undergraduate Registration Guide2016-2017 Fall/Winter



During the registration periods for Fall/Winter, courses that are on the list for automatic deregistration when BROCK prerequisites are not met will be dropped nightly:

Students who have earned all their credits at Brock and who do not have the specific BROCK prerequisites as stated in the current Undergraduate Calendar will be deregistered from those courses specified by the Department/Centre. This means that the following students will require overrides in order to stay registered in the Fall/Winter courses:

  1. students who have not yet completed the prerequisite courses from a previous session. This would include those who received Incomplete (IN), In Progress (IP) or Deferred Examination (SP) grades;
  2. students who have been granted exemption, equivalency or substitution from the prerequisite course.
  3. students who have been given verbal permission.
  4. students with unspecified Letter of Permission credits.
  5. students who are visiting Brock University on a Letter of Permission.
  6. students who have not been admitted directly from high school with a grade 12 or 4U/M prerequisite course.

Students who have earned any transfer credits will not be automatically deregistered; their names will be flagged with an asterisk on the class list, and a separate report showing the transfer credits will be sent to the department/centre which can then:

  1. issue an override which will remove the asterisk
  2. do nothing, in which case the student names will continue to show with an asterisk, and the instructors can deal with them as they wish
  3. the department can request the Registrar's Office deregister the students manually.

In order to ensure that the "no prerequisite" flag is not placed on the course such students should seek an override from the department/centre prior to registering for the course.

2015-2016 Automatic Deregistration List (Coming Soon)