Returning Undergraduate Registration Guide

Returning Undergraduate Registration Guide2016-2017 Fall/Winter


Narrowing the Field: Possible Courses Worksheet

Deciding on which courses to register for can be quite a process. With so many courses available at Brock, it can take time to pinpoint what courses are available to you, and which of those courses will also fulfil your degree requirements. For this reason, this section can offer tips on how to narrow down your course options during the selection process.

A good course selection method is to first write down any specific courses outlined in your program requirements. Once you have a list of these courses, you are left with just a few (generic) requirements to fulfil (i.e., one COMM credit numbered 2(alpha)90 or above, one elective credit, one Social Science context credit, etc.). Use the online timetable to search for possible courses, so that you are browsing courses that you already know are offered in the Fall/Winter session.

Consider the following checklist when compiling your list of possible course selections:

  • Will this course fulfil the program requirement necessary? (This question is usually indicated by the course code; check out the on-line resource section for more info).
  • Do you meet the preliminary requirements of this course?
  • Is this course offered at a time that is available to me, and that works with my schedule?

Once you have a list of possible courses to fulfil your program requirements, you can further decide between courses based on personal preferences and on what information is provided in each course description. A "Possible Courses" worksheet is available to help you keep track of your course selections and possible alternatives. When you are finished making course selections, you will have a list of courses you should register for.