Getting Started

Getting Started

I have an existing Brock Student Number

  • If the existing Brock Student Number is from another program (e.g. Undergraduate, Teacher Education or Masters) you cannot register through the web for an Additional Qualifications course until you are admitted to the program. Please complete the Application for Admission. The Brock Student Number will remain the same and providing you know your Student Number, you are usually able to register the day after we receive your application. Your Brock Student Number will be mailed to you once your application is processed.
  • If you have taken an In-service (AQ) course with Brock before and know your Brock Student Number, you may proceed directly to Preparing to Register.

 This is my first course with Brock

  • Complete the Application for Admission.
  • You will usually be admitted within one business day of receiving your application. Your Brock Student Number will be assigned and mailed to you one business day after you are admitted.
  • Once you receive your Brock Student Number you must use the web registration system to register as this is the only method of registration for all courses including those held in-class. For further instructions proceed to Preparing to Register.
I am preparing to register
NOTE: You must be admitted to the In-service program and have a Brock Student Number before you can register. If you have not been admitted, please go to "This is my first course with Brock".
  1. Choose your course(s) from the available courses listed on the timetable. Note any course restrictions, eligibility prerequisites and required documentation, as outlined under Course Pre-Requisites and Required Documents.
  2. Once you have selected a course in which to register, make note of the course name and number e.g. EDUC9F97.
  3. Proceed to Web Registration Instructions. Important Note: You will not receive confirmation from Brock regarding your registration. All of the required information such as session start and end dates and course locations are available on this website. If you have registered in an online course, please refer to Beginning your Online Course as you will not be contacted by the Centre for Continuing Teacher Education.
  4. Once you are registered, send any required documents as noted under Course Pre-Requisities and Required Documents to the Office of the Registrar, Brock University, St. Catharines, L2S 3A1.


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