Registration Procedures

Registration Procedures

Once you have been admitted to Adult Education you may proceed to registration.

1. Choose your course(s). Read the academic timetable and course descriptions in this guide for course listings and offerings. Note any course restrictions, prerequisites and campus locations.

2. Once you have selected a course in which to register, make note of the duration and section number.

3. Use the Web to Register. Access to registration is available through the WEB. Instructions to register using the portal ( are provided under Registration Instructions. Please note the Registration Hours and When to Register. You will be registered and confirmed in an ADED course(s), based on your registration. Your Brock Student ID Number and password will be used as an electronic signature to indicate confirmation in a course(s). Unless you formally withdraw by the specified deadline dates, as noted in the Withdrawals section of this guide, you will remain registered and will be academically and financially responsible for the course(s) in which you have registered.

4. Payment of Fees. Invoices will not be mailed. Students may view their Brock account via the portal ( Fees will be charged to your account within a few days of registering. It is the student's responsibility to check his/her account regularly and pay fees by the deadline indicated.

As soon as you register, you are confirmed in the course(s). Should you find that you cannot take the course, refer to the Withdrawals section of this guide.

For questions related to course admission and availability, contact:

Admissions - Adult Education
Office of the Registrar
Telephone: 905-688-5550 extension 3158
FAX: 905-988-5488