Appeals Procedure

Appeals Procedure


A backdated withdrawal will be considered upon the receipt of a request which is supported by documentation verifying medical reasons or compassionate grounds. Documentation must indicate the reason(s) the student was not able to withdraw on the last day for withdrawal or must note the medical reason(s) or compassionate grounds which will make it impossible for the course to now be completed. Requests submitted without supporting documentation will not be considered.

Backdated withdrawal request forms may be found on our Forms webpage or under the "Forms" section of the guide.


Prior to the last day of lectures, a request for retroactive registration will be considered upon the receipt of supporting documentation which outlines the reason(s) why formal registration did not occur. This documentation must be accompanied by a Course Add/Withdrawal Form signed and dated by the course instructor verifying that the student has been in continuous attendance as well as the tuition fee and the late registration fee in effect on that date.

Retroactive registration request forms may be found on our Forms webpage or under the "Forms" section of the guide.

Requests for retroactive registration or backdated withdrawal are considered and a decision rendered by the Registrar. Students wishing to appeal the decision of the Registrar must refer the matter to the appropriate academic Dean. If the student is not satisfied with the decision of the Dean, the student may then appeal to the Senate Student Appeals Board. Appeals to the Senate Student Appeals Board must be typed, must provide any additional documentation not submitted to the Dean and must be accompanied by the appeal fee. The fee will be refunded only if the appeal is successful. When appropriate, the grade NW (Not Withdrawn) may be assigned by the Senate Committee on Appeals within the specified appeal period and when supporting documentation is supplied by the student.