Column 1:  Catalogue number
  Column 2:  Notes: course restrictions (see bottom)
  Column 3:  Subject
  Column 4:  Course number
  Column 5:  Duration
  Column 6:  Type -  LEC = Lecture,   WWW = Web based class
  Column 7:  Section - refers to the lecture sections for a course
  Column 8:  Day(s) offered: M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday,
 R = Thursday, F = Friday, S = Saturday.
  Column 9:  Time offered or DEPT (see department for more information)
  Column 10:  Course location
  Column 11:  Instructors or TBA (instructor to be announced)

Translation of Course Notes

Code Translation
 a  Held in reserve
 as  This course will run on Friday evening & Saturday on
 alternate weekends. Please contact the department for
 f  This course will run on Sundays at an off-campus location.
 Please contact the department for more information.
 BH  Open only to majors
 BX  Open only to Certificate students
 na  This course will be delivered via the web (online only)

Course Location

Acronym Translation
 AS, EA, GL, PL, TA, TH, WH  Brock, St. Catharines Campus Classroom
 HC  Brock, St. Catharines Campus Classroom
 TBS, VTL  Online Web Course Delivery
 OC  Off Campus Location  (click on the location
 code link in the timetable)