Faculty Information

Faculty Information

Please note, the registration system for Spring 2014 Convocation is currently closed. You will receive a notification from your faculty when it becomes available.

How do I sign up to march?

  1. Login to the portal at my.brocku.ca
  2. Open BrockDB
  3. Click on Employee Access
  4. Click on ConvocationRegn
  5. Fill out the subsequent form in entirety. If you encounter any registration problems, we are happy to assist. Please email convocation@brocku.ca if you require additional information.

How do I know which ceremony to attend?

Convocation ceremonies are organized by faculty. To determine which event to sign up for, refer to the convocation schedule found at www.brocku.ca/registrar/grad/schedule

Where is the ceremony?
The ceremony will be held in the Ian Beddis gymnasium, Walker Complex.
When should I arrive?
Faculty marching in the Convocation ceremony should arrive thirty minutes prior to the ceremony.
Where do I go to be robed?
Please present yourself in the Dance Studio thirty minutes prior to the ceremony.
What if I do not own my own regalia?
Gowns and Brock PhD hoods are available for loan if you do not own your own. Borrowed gowns and hoods must be returned immediately following the ceremony.
Can I purchase my own gown or hood?
Yes. Hoods and gowns may be purchased from Imperial Robes, 225 Richmond Street West, Toronto M5V1W2. Call toll free 1 877 897 6237 or email info@imperialrobes.com
I am a bedel at Convocation. How will I know what my role and duties will be?
A rehearsal will be scheduled to review your role in the ceremony. There, you will receive a printed copy of Order and Form (stage script) as well as a copy of the Convocation program. Staff will also be present to assist with the art of "hooding". If you have a speaking role, you may also try out the microphone. If you are unable to attend, please  contact convocation@brocku.ca as soon as possible so that an alternate arrangement can be made. 


Brock bedels
Brock Faculty are Invited and encouraged to march in the Procession or serve as a Bedel

Bedels are an important part of the Convocation ceremony. If you would like to serve as a bedel, please contact the Dean of your Faculty for more information.