Ordering Stage Photos

Ordering Stage Photos

Congratulations on your recent Convocation! CanGrad Studios took a photo of you as you were conferred on-stage and has the proofs available for you to view. In some cases you might not have received the proofs of your conferral photograph if your mailing address was not up-to-date or changed.

PLEASE NOTE: You may order these photos at any time as they are kept on file.

If you would like CanGrad to send your proof(s), please contact them at mail@cangrad.com and provide them with the following information:

Your name:

Date of convocation:

Time of ceremony:

Your degree/program:

Preferred email address:

For additional information please contact:

Chris Yelle
Cangrad Studios
436 Horner Ave.
Etobicoke, ON  M8W 2B3

Tel: 416-253-6466