Examinations: General Information

Examinations: General Information

Written progress and final examinations shall normally be scheduled and administered by the Office of the Registrar and taking place under formal conditions during a specially-scheduled examination period.

The style and duration of a University examination (e.g., closed or open book; essay or multiple-choice questions) shall normally be at the discretion of the individual instructor. The duration in hours and minutes of a University examination shall appear at the top of the examination paper.

All University examinations being written concurrently in a given room should begin simultaneously. In addition, it is desirable that students writing examinations of different lengths should be segregated in different rooms. A student shall not be permitted to enter a room in which University examinations are being written if the student arrives more than 30 minutes after the commencement of writing, nor shall a student be permitted to leave such a room within the first 30 minutes or within the last ten minutes of the examination.

When a course is given in more than one section in any given term, it is the responsibility of the department chair and the instructors involved to ensure that the sections are substantially the same in content. This means that the materials covered in the different sections, with some possible minor variations of emphasis, will be similar, and that all sections of the course will write comparable examinations. Tutorial courses, directed research courses and honors thesis courses shall be exempted from this regulation.

Although attempts will be made to minimize consecutive examinations or two examinations in one day, this possibility cannot be eliminated.

In some cases it may be necessary for students registered in evening courses to write examinations during the day or vice versa.

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