Calendar Revision Submissions for PC Users

Calendar Revision Submissions for PC Users

Instructions for downloading the current Calendar copy, for PC users

Retrieve content from the current Undergraduate Calendar  (ensure you have updated versions of Internet Explorer  and a word processor - WordPerfect or Microsoft Word).

Select appropriate section (your department) of the calendar.

  • On upper right of the copy, select "printable version"
  • On left side of top menu bar, click on "File"
  • select "Save as" from pull-down menu - dialogue box will appear
  • at top of dialogue box - "Save in" - select appropriate directory in your word processing package
  • "File name:" should indicate your "department".html
  • "Save as type:" should say "Web Page, HTML only, (*.htm; *html)"
  • ("Encoding:" should say "Western European (Windows)")
  • click on SAVE

Open this "html" file in your word processing package, and save ("File type:") as ".wpd" (WordPerfect) or ".doc" (Microsoft Word).

Make changes (by using strikeout for deletions and bold for additions) and re-save as necessary. If changes to course titles are required, strikeout complete current title and follow this with bolded new title.

When ready for submission to Evelyn DiFruscio, retrieve file from word processing package and save as ".rtf"

Saving a file in "rtf" format (PC)

Open document in word processing package.

Select "save as" - file name of current document will appear in "File name:" (Hint: you could save it at this point as requested in the instructions, e.g., "2013calendar-FREN"(no spaces).)

  • under "File type:", select Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • click on "Save"

Now you will have the original document and an "rtf" document.