Monthly Article

Monthly Article

Being a student in University is not all about attending classes, pursuing a degree and receiving your degree at a graduation ceremony. There are many things in between. The University years are also about personal growth, learning and maturing into a strong, motivated, and confident individual. A University education will enable a student to enter the workforce or continue their education and at the same time assist a student to becoming a well-rounded person. In order to experience all that Brock has to offer, it is vital to be involved as much as you possibly can. You must consider maintaining a proper balance with school work, social activities, family life and employment commitments. Identify your interests and determine if there are any clubs or extra-curricular activities that you can join.

If sports and physical activity are of great interest, you may consider registering for an intramural sports team through the Recreation Services department. You can join individually or as a team. There is a wide variety of sports available including but not limited to volleyball, soccer, basketball, flag football and ball hockey. Intramural sports programs at Brock include over 50 leagues and involve thousands of participants. Joining a club within your Faculty if you are looking to supplement your educational experience is another possibility. For example, students in the Goodman School of Business can join clubs such as the Brock Finance and Investment Group (BFIG) or the Business Student’s Associaton (BSA). If you are unaware of any clubs or groups within your Faculty, ask an instructor, administrative assistant of a department, or fellow peers if there are any that you may join.

There are also over 80 clubs that are ratified through the Brock University Student Union (BUSU). These clubs range from Faculty based (Brock Labour Studies Students Association, Brock University Geology Club), culture-oriented (Aboriginal Students’ Organization, French club) and general interest (Brock Dance, Running Club). They are designed to promote interest and provide and encourage students to learn and participate in a fun and engaging environment. To determine if there is a club of interest to you please visit BUSU’s club web site at At this website, you can also learn how to become a club and how to ratify your club.

If you enjoy assisting others and helping people with their particular services, then volunteering may be something for you. Student Life and Community Experience at Brock can help students get connected with a service or program that can utilize volunteers. Volunteering can be a very rewarding experience and programs in the Niagara Region will certainly use and be very appreciative of any help they receive. Please visit for information on volunteering opportunities.

Whether it is registering for intramural sports, joining a club or volunteering your services, it is a great way to meet new people and be actively involved in the Brock community. Participating in different aspects of University life can be a very enjoyable and enlightening experience and can enhance and supplement a University education. So become involved while managing your time appropriately, and most of all have some fun!