International and United States Application Steps

International and United States Application Steps

Brock University welcomes students from around the world, and encourages applications from a variety of academic backgrounds. International students applying for September entry may be considered for all academic programs, scholarships and guaranteed residence. Applications and all supporting documentation should be submitted no later than April 1 for international applicants and June 1 for U.S. applicants, as program availability cannot be guaranteed after this date. Applicants should refer to the ‘Admission Deadlines’ link for special program deadlines as well as other important information related to the application process.

General Admission Notes

Applicants can expect to receive an offer of admission to only one program. When more than one Brock program is indicated on the application, the highest choice listed for Brock will be considered first. If not eligible for the first choice, consideration will be given to subsequent choices in the order of preference the applicant has indicated. If an applicant applies to only one Brock program, and does not qualify, in most cases consideration will automatically be given for an alternate and related program.

Applications are assessed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Admissions decisions will be made once all required documents are submitted.

Choosing the Correct Application
Process for applying:

  1. Submit application.
  2. Brock will send an acknowledgement email outlining required documents necessary for assessment and instructions for signing into your personal portal at
  3.  Sign into your personal portal at
  4. Forward all supporting documentation** including official* academic transcripts directly to the Office of the Registrar – Admissions.
  5. Check your portal at on a regular basis to see if documents have arrived and/or if a decision has been made.
  6. Accept your offer using the instructions in your offer letter.
  7. If applicable, apply for residence.
  8. Register in your classes (beginning in June).

*Official academic transcripts must be sent directly from academic institutions or testing bodies (they can never be in your possession or they are not considered official!).
**Conditional offers of admission may be extended based on a combination of second quarter grades (first semester) therefore it is in the best interest of applicants to have grades forwarded as soon as second quarter results are available. Applicants from British patterned schools or IB programs may submit predicted grades for consideration.
**U.S. applicants: Academic transcripts, SAT scores, school profiles (if available) and letters of recommendation from counsellors or teachers should be submitted as part of the application.

Supplementary Document Submissions

Auditions: Bachelor of Arts – Music, Bachelor of Arts – Dramatic Arts, Concurrent Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Intermediate/Senior division) – Dramatic Arts Major (see offer letter for details)

Portfolio: Visual Arts – Studio Art (Note: Visual Arts – History of Art and Visual Culture are NOT required to submit a portfolio)