International and United States Application Deadlines

International and United States Application Deadlines

Fall 2015 Entry – Application Deadlines

Please review the Admissions Deadlines homepage for specific Undergraduate - Fall Entry deadline dates.

All International Applicants:
Application: OUAC 105F
Application opening date: see
Application closing date: April 1* (applications will still be accepted after this date, however admission of eligible applicants is no longer guaranteed)
*Some select programs close earlier (applicants should refer to the Admissions Deadlines for full details). Others close because they are full and applications are no longer being accepted, therefore it is in the best interest of applicants to apply and forward grades as soon as possible.

English Language Proficiency Test Results (if required)
Applicants for whom English is a second language must submit evidence of English language Proficiency. Applicants should contact early in the application process if they have any questions regarding the need to submit a test score.
Submission date: A file will be deemed complete once all documents are received, therefore applicants should not delay in submitting an official test result (notarized copies are not acceptable).

Grade Submission Deadlines
Secondary School Applicants:
In order to be competitive with Ontario secondary school applicants, out-of-province and international students should have their school send grades directly to Brock at the following points during the school year:
(1) upon completion of semester one –final grades
(2) upon partial completion of semester two – mid-term grades
(3) after completion of semester two – final grades
Applicants who are not currently attending secondary school are responsible for arranging with their secondary school to have academic results sent directly to Brock University.

University or College Transfer Applicants:
If you have graduated, have all final academic documents sent directly from your institution to Brock University. If you are currently studying, have your institution forward an official transcript showing grades to date. At a minimum, transcripts should show one term of final grades.

Upon receipt of the application form and all relevant documents, a decision will be made and you will be notified by regular mail if in the U.S., or via courier if outside North America.