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Parking Info

    Ten punch parking cards are available for community members who are enrolled in a non-academic activities or programs offered by Recreation Services in the Walker Complex. These punch cards are to be used for parking Lot D and will be punched by the attendant at the entrance to Lot D (red Badger parking booth).  If you wish to purchase this punch pass you can pay $7 to the parking attendant at the entrance to Lot D and bring in your receipt to the Walker Welcome Desk on your first day of programming.  You will then be sold a punch pass for $14 and have 9 parking punches remaining on your pass. Students, staff and faculty cannot purchase these passes.

    Parking permits for community and alumni members of the Walker Complex are available for purchase at the Welcome Desk. The passes are sold for the duration of your membership (4 months, 8 months or 12 months) and are available to community and alumni members only. The passes are permits for reserved parking Lot B, and there is a two-hour maximum per use on the pass.  Students, staff and faculty are not authorized to purchase or use these hang tags.

    10-punch pass (Lot D) - $21

    Park & Pay (Lot D) - $7/day

    Pay & Display (Lot P) - $2.50/hr

    Meter Parking (Limited Availability) - $2.50/hr

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